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Gucci prints for sale on eBay after price hike

The fashion label is still trying to recover from the news that the price of its flagship product has jumped to $1,200 from $700.

But its online store is still selling Gucci’s prints for $1 each, which is the cheapest the company has offered so far.

That means that Gucci is still offering $2.49 for a pair of prints.

That’s about three times the average retail price of Gucci clothing for that price range, and $3.75 less than the average price of the brand’s range.

Prices for Gucci fashion prints have been soaring in recent months after the company slashed prices in April to try to curb a supply crunch.

The company has said it is increasing production and sales.

Gucci has also increased production and sold more prints, but that hasn’t reduced the prices.

Printer scanners have also fallen to their lowest level in years, and that’s led to a decline in demand.

Printers are expensive because they have to be carefully crafted to fit the human body.

But it’s not clear how many printers are being sold off because of the plunging prices.

A spokesman for the company said on Tuesday that the company had been working hard to bring down prices to make them competitive with the global competition.

Pricer scanner prices in general are falling faster than the overall price of printed clothing, according to industry analysts.

Prader scanners cost about $1 million to $2 million, according a 2016 report by the Association of American Publishers.

Price for printed clothing has also been falling, according for example to research from research firm Mintel, which estimated that prices for apparel fell by $60 million in 2015.

A spokeswoman for Guccis online store said the online store had been selling its Gucci print collection for several weeks, but had only recently been able to offer them for sale because they were on sale.