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Which is better: HP ink or Lexmark printer ink?

The HP ink is the better choice, according to a poll of people who buy HP printers.HP announced on Monday it was discontinuing the ink line in the U.S. and Canada.

The company said it would begin selling Lexmark and other ink-based products starting July 1 in all U.K. markets.

But the company also announced that its printer ink was no longer available in the United States and Canada, and the company said customers in those countries would have to buy the ink from its supplier, Lexmark.

The news comes after HP announced earlier this month that it was ending the ink supply to its printers.

For most people, ink is a great deal cheaper than ink cartridges, and you can buy the same amount of ink in one package at Target, Walmart and other retailers than if you bought the ink in a single bottle.

And some people who like the ink say it’s worth it for its ink.

But HP and Lexmark, which is owned by IBM, said the ink that’s currently in its ink cartridges is “overwhelmingly inferior to the HP ink available in most of the world.”

“As a consumer, you should consider whether you need ink or not, and that’s the first thing you should ask,” said John Haggard, chief executive of HP’s printer ink business.

“If you need to ink, you’re better off purchasing HP ink and buying HP ink cartridges.

If you want to ink at home, you can get a great bargain on the HP line.”

The company said that it would offer HP ink to its partners in the future, including the popular HP Home printers, as well as HP’s own printer ink.

HP said it had purchased an additional 3 million HP ink capsules from a supplier, called Epson, that will replace the current supply.IBM and Lex Mark declined to comment on the poll.

The poll was conducted by Ipsos for Reuters.