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How to set up your own calendar app on iPhone – FAQ

In 2018, Apple released a calendar app for iPhones that offered a number of new features, including: • A fully featured app that included live tiles for a wide range of events, including weather, weather alerts and events from local newspapers, magazines and the BBC.

• A built-in calendar, and a calendar-style interface that was very similar to Apple’s Calendar app for the Mac.

• The ability to customize the display of the calendar, with multiple rows of calendars and different font sizes.

• Access to a calendar’s “recent calendar” section, where you can add, delete and edit events from the last calendar you accessed.

Apple also offered the calendar app to the Apple Watch, which launched in October.

Apple Watch: What you need to know for Apple Watch owners to use the new Apple Watch app for their watch – FAQ Apple has also announced a new Watch app called Apple Watch for iPhone, which has a number, including a new app for iPhone and iPad.

The new Apple watch app allows users to easily manage their Apple Watch (watchOS 3.1+) and Apple Watch Sport (watchKit) activity and events, and to view the calendar on the watch.

Apple Watch is available to buy now at an MSRP of $299 (£240) from the Apple Store.