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When a 3-D printer prints a tee for a girl

The Blue Prints, which specialize in producing custom-designed tees for girls, has launched a new product for girls and women who want to have a customized tee printed for them.

The Blueprints print custom-sized tee prints and has a wide variety of colors available in different sizes, and the company says its colors are printed using the latest printing technologies.

“We have a lot of colors that we’re proud to offer for the most part.

We think that girls and young women would love to have something to wear and we think that young women love the color blue,” says Blue Print founder and CEO Lauren Beggs.

The company launched its first printable tee this week for a special occasion, and it has already sold out of its new offerings.

The Blue Print offers tees with designs on the front and back.

You can choose between a floral design or a plain design.

The designs can be customized with a variety of prints and patterns.

The company has printed more than 100 different designs, ranging from simple designs with text to complex designs with intricate artwork.

The tees are made with a proprietary ink that is not available anywhere else.

The first designs sold out, but Blue Print plans to add more designs to its online store as the company develops a product.