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How the world’s richest man gets rich without actually being rich

The American people don’t actually believe in the word “wealth.”

We’re not in a “wealth tax” debate.

We don’t believe in “wealth taxes.”

We don´t even believe in taxing the money we make.

We just know that we want to maximize our economic growth by reducing poverty and inequality, reducing the costs of things we buy and by improving our quality of life.

As a result, our elected officials don’t really care about wealth.

In fact, they seem to think that we have to believe in it at all.

They believe we need to believe that we should give every American a fair shot, that we are entitled to the most equal opportunity in the world.

They are also obsessed with inequality.

It’s their obsession.

And it is, in fact, their only obsession.

But they are wrong.

Inequality is a real and serious problem, and one that will be solved by addressing it.

So, how does wealth come to us?

How does it come to you?

How is wealth created?

And how can we improve it?

In this episode, we will look at the most common ways in which wealth comes to us.

First, we look at how wealth comes from birth and how it is created.

Then, we’ll take a closer look at who gets rich, and how.

And then we’ll discuss ways to increase our ability to create wealth.

Finally, we conclude with the important questions about wealth and poverty that we need answered in order to create a more just and sustainable society.

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