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Fox News: ‘The real reason Trump is doing this’

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday said the Trump administration has been working on a plan to stop Muslims from entering the U.S. in order to protect Americans from terrorists.

O’Neil said the plan was in the works for years.

He said President Donald Trump was going to “bring the fight” against Muslims and that this was a “biggest terrorist attack in the history of the world.”

O’Neill said, “The real reasons Trump is coming in to stop these Muslims are so they can bring the fight to the U, so they don’t have to fight us.”

O”Neil said Trump has made it clear to him the “real reason” he is coming into the country is to “protect Americans from the threat.”

OReilly said, The real reason is so that you can stop this Islamization of America.

He added that the “main purpose” of the ban is to stop “radical Islamic terrorism.”


Reilly said Trump and his administration have been working with the “radical Muslim leaders in the U.” to “create this terror group.”

ONeil said he thinks Trump is “a man of his word” and is trying to do what is right by the American people.

OReilly also said Trump “has never been an anti-Muslim, he has never supported a Muslim ban.

He’s always been for protecting Americans.”

O-Reilly said the “anti-Muslim” Trump has been “a little bit more aggressive than most people are.”

O(illig)ne said, I think he is taking a different approach.

He thinks he’s a patriot and he is trying not to be a hypocrite.

He wants to protect the American way of life.

O”Neill said he believes Trump’s strategy to “defeat” Islam in the United States is working because the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has been defeated.

He also said he does not think Trump’s “anti Islam rhetoric” has been effective.

He called Trump’s plan “a very clever strategy” because “people are scared.

They are afraid of their future, they are afraid their kids will be next.”

O”Neil said “they don’t want to lose any more of their kids to ISIS.

“Onney said “he’s the one that’s bringing the fight, he’s bringing them into the U., not us.

“He said Trump wants to “get rid of the problem.

“ONeill said Trump is going to try to do “what is right for the American People.

“OFox said Trump’s administration “has been working to prevent Muslims from coming into America for years” but Trump has “failed miserably” in stopping Muslims from “invading” the country.

O”Reilly said he has “a lot of respect for” Trump because he “has the courage to stand up and say the truth.”

O Fox News said Trump told One he wants to stop the Muslim ban “by whatever means necessary” because of the “terrorists” threat.