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How to get your books into the hands of your favourite children’s author: the ‘printable’ option

It may seem obvious to most readers that you can’t print your book in your own house.

But there’s a catch.

You can’t. 

What is a book, anyway?

A book is any work of creative writing or expression, in which the writer or artist creates something that is tangible, tangible to the reader.

Books are printed in a format known as a bookplate.

If you’re an author or publisher, you can use a book plate for your books.

A bookplate has three plates, each labelled “first edition” or “third edition”.

Each plate is a different type of printing that creates the text on the plate.

The first edition of a book will be the one you will use for your printed book.

The second edition will be a copy that will be available to the public and used by booksellers.

The third edition will include an annotation that gives the reader more information about the text.

How do I order a book?

When you order your book from the UK or another country, the books are automatically shipped to you and delivered by courier to your doorstep within three days.

When you return your book, the first-edition book will arrive to you, and the second-edition will arrive at the address you provided.

You’ll be able to find out the delivery date on your bookplate and the address on your parcel.

If the parcel is lost, your book is lost and you’ll be unable to retrieve it.

If a parcel is returned, you’ll receive a note to confirm delivery.

If there are problems with the delivery, we’ll contact you and you can contact us to help you arrange for a replacement.

Can I order my books in other countries?

Yes, you’re able to order books in a number of countries around the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, the Philippines, South Africa and the UK.

You may order books from anywhere in the world using a courier service like FedEx or USPS, but we recommend using Amazon Prime. 

Can I print my books?


When you order books through Amazon Prime, you have the option to print your books for free.

You pay for the print-at-home option. 

The print-by-mail option is more expensive than a print-on-demand option, but you can print books from Amazon’s online catalogue.

Amazon’s print-in-box service is available in select countries and is also free for UK residents. 

Amazon Prime customers can print any books they like for a price of £5.99 per book. 

It’s worth noting that books cannot be delivered directly from Amazon, but they can be ordered via the print service by UK residents, who must pay for their books and then receive them from Amazon. 

Why are the prices of my books so high? 

Prices of books are often very high for publishers.

They’re also much higher than other booksellings.

The reason for the high prices is that the printing process takes several weeks and costs about £40 per book, which is higher than the cost of postage, handling and shipping. 

How do I find a good publisher? 

Amazon’s own ‘Best of’ list lists the best publishers and authors.

They are the ones who are consistently publishing bestsellers and who have made sure that the best quality books are produced.

Amazon has also recently started offering ‘Best Buy’ recommendations, where you can find out which publishers have the best selection of books. 

There are also a number independent publishers that you may like.

They publish books on a range of genres, with some titles published by independent authors. 

If you’re looking for a publisher to publish your book on Amazon Prime or on Amazon’s own platform, you should check out their recommendations first. 

Should I order the print edition of my book? 

If your book comes in a printed bookplate, you are guaranteed a first-read first-publication experience.

You’re guaranteed the best of the best. 

But there are some publishers that have the right to refuse your book and charge you more for a print edition.

These publishers often charge extra for the second printing, but will usually pay for postage and packaging if you order the second edition. 

Are the prices high for Amazon Prime? 

The price of your books will be higher if you’re using Amazon’s Prime service.

It’s also possible to get books from any of the many other publishers and retailers on Amazon.

If that’s the case, you might want to consider choosing a different publisher or, if possible, a more traditional publisher. 

Will Amazon charge extra to bookseller members? 


The publisher and bookseller fees charged by Amazon Prime are part of your purchase price, and Amazon charges a flat rate of £1.99.

There are no additional shipping charges. 

Do I have to pay a commission? 

Not at all. 

For books that