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‘Feminist’ writer defends Trump’s ban on transgender people in books

“I don’t care about the ban,” said Caitlin Moran, the author of the upcoming novel “Feminism: A Brief History of the Left.”

She added that the ban, “I think, is really important, because it’s not just a matter of being conservative.

It’s about what is progressive.”

Moran, who is an activist for transgender rights, wrote a book called “The Secret Life of a Transgender Woman,” which she says will “give voice to trans women in the mainstream.”

But critics have decried the book for its lack of transgender characters and the fact that it contains only three trans women, not a male or female protagonist.

“The title is misleading, and I think it’s also sexist,” Moran told Salon.

“It’s about how transgender women are not women.

There are other things to do with it, like the fact it’s about a woman who was raped by a man.

But the fact is it’s a trans woman, it’s the title.”

The author’s remarks were criticized by the trans rights group TERFs, which called them “misogynistic,” and by the author’s husband, writer and social justice warrior John Green.

In a video, Green asked, “What do you have against transgender people?”

Moran responded, “That they’re not women.”

She also said that “the title is really misleading, but it’s definitely sexist.”

Green was not immediately available for comment.

Moran told The Huffington Post that she thinks she was misquoted and was not being intentionally provocative.

She said that she is working on a sequel.

“I want to tell more stories about trans women and how they’re used as a tool by white supremacists, but I don’t think the book will be about that,” she said.

“In the future, I’d like to explore more trans women as characters.

I think that there are a lot of people who will be excited about it, and that’s why I think people are reading it.”

Moran has been praised for her feminist work and has been nominated for several awards.

She was recently the recipient of the National Book Award for her work.

Moran has written more than 1,000 novels, most of which have been nonfiction.

“There’s so much more to my work than that,” said Moran, “and I think this will be a huge step forward for my work.

I hope it inspires people to find their voice, to write about their experience, and not just read books.”