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Why I got a 3D printer for free

In June, we wrote about a small company called Slic3r that was offering a printer to help you print photos with 3D printing technology.

The company had no ads and charged $35 per item, so you could print your own photos on it for $25.

But, as you can imagine, people were upset.

So they started a petition on to get the company to stop.

After some back and forth, Slic 3r released a statement saying it would make a “small print” of a few of its posters, but would stop selling the item if the petition was successful.

The petition was quickly taken down.

In July, another petition was launched on Change, asking Slic to stop selling a 3-D printer to the same people.

The same people who launched the petition that asked for Slic’s removal.

Then, a few weeks ago, the petition went live again.

It has been shared over 5 million times and received more than 12,000 signatures.

Now, the company is asking that you not buy a printer from them at all.

“I am very disappointed with Slic,” says cofounder and CEO Jason Rabinowitz in a video posted to his YouTube channel.

“This company has been selling 3D printers for years.

They are a major player in the world of 3D Printing, and this is just an attack on them.

I do not condone the use of this technology.

If you want to print your artwork, you will have to use other companies.”

Slic has said that they have plans to make a few other printings of the posters, and they will work with customers to make sure they are printing with the correct material.

But it’s not just a small print campaign that is causing the backlash.

Some customers are also upset that the company did not make the purchase price clear.

Here’s what you need to know about 3D printed posters.

What is a 3d printed poster?

A 3d print is a digital image that is printed on a laser-cut metal printer.

It has the same physical size and dimensions as the original print.

When does 3D print become a bad thing?

3D prints have been around for a while, and the technology has been around since the late 1800s.

The idea behind 3D is to make objects in the real world look like the real thing.

3D works by adding digital layers of plastic to the printed object, and then letting the layers blend together.

When that happens, the resulting image looks like the original.

Slic3R has been in business for a few years, and has made several printers that offer a 3,000 x 2,000 resolution for $5,000, but it was the petition on that started this all.

Now it is asking the company for a refund, which it has said will happen within 24 hours.

The campaign also calls on the company’s cofounder, Jason Rabe, to take the petition down.