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Dell unveils new, super-thin printer model 3d print

Dell, maker of the 3D printer models and accessories that the company sells to companies including Apple, has unveiled its newest, super thin 3D printable printer, which can print on a single sheet of paper.

The new printer is called the ProC, and it features a 3D-printed ABS material, allowing it to print up to 3 inches thick.

It’s capable of printing on a 3-inch sheet of ABS, which is also a 3d printing material.

The printer’s dimensions are 9.5×8.5 inches, which makes it slightly thinner than the previous-generation Pro3D printer, the Pro3.

The printer has a maximum resolution of 24,768 dots per inch.

This is not a new technology, however.

Dell announced the company’s first printer, in 2013, and the company had already released the Pro1 and Pro3 printers as a service.

The ProC printer can print at up to 25,000 dots per sheet of 3D ABS.

You can read more about the printer here, and check out the video below for a closer look.

We also have a new report from The Verge, which says the new printer will cost about $1,500, which includes the parts.

That’s around the same price as a typical 3D Printer, and about $100 less than the Pro2.

If you buy one of these printers, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a more powerful model.