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Why Eagles could be No. 1 in 2016 NFL mock draft

NFL Network’s Michael Silver has drafted the Eagles to go No.1 overall, and he’s got a big question mark.

The top pick is the first to be passed over in this mock draft, and it’s a big one.

What do you think?

— ESPN Insider Jeff Darlington: The Eagles are going to draft a quarterback.

But it’s going to be a hard one, and they have to figure out how to do it.

The Eagles would be the first team in NFL history to draft an offensive tackle in the first round since the Cleveland Browns did it in 2006.

If the Eagles decide to draft offensive linemen this year, I’m going to believe it.

They’ve been a team to be reckoned with, and with the emergence of Connor Barwin, they’ve had a ton of success at offensive tackle.

This pick would be a steal if it comes.

— ESPN’s Adam Schefter: I’m just not sure the Eagles are the team to make the pick.

It would be tough to get a top pick this high if the Eagles really needed a quarterback, especially with Matt Barkley, Trent Richardson and others on the roster.

The question marks are obvious, and I don’t know if they can really find a true fit for Bradford.

That said, the Eagles have a great quarterback and have drafted some great offensive linemen, including Barwin.

I think Bradford is going to fall in this draft.

— USA Today’s Brian Billick: I think the Eagles will draft a guard.

I’m not sure they’ll go as high as they did with Connor Barwis, who is a guard out of Oklahoma State.

If they do go to the top of the draft, it’s hard to see them taking a guard because of how good they are.

They can use their first-round pick on another guard, like the one they took in the draft with Carson Wentz.

But they’d have to think big and see if they could get a true guard.

— Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman: Bradford is a first-rounder.

The reason is because he has the tools to be the best player on the field at the position, but he needs to prove it.

I like the way he handled the first game and the way the team played.

It was a big step for him.

I don�t think he was hurt too much, and the Eagles did a great job of getting him out there.

— NFL Network�s Mike Mayock: It would make sense for the Eagles.

I would like to see if the team was going to take a quarterback in the top 10 overall.

It’s hard because they have so many options at quarterback.

I’d be surprised if they went that high.

— Adam Schefters: The best part of Bradford is his versatility.

He could be a true quarterback in his second year or he could be an offensive lineman.

He can play all three positions.

I just think they need to see him play against teams in the second round.

He has a good chance to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

— The MMQB’s Chris Mortensen: Bradford has to prove he can be the franchise quarterback and be the team�s franchise quarterback, and that is the only thing that makes me think they will go higher.

I�m really interested to see what they do with the second pick.

— ABC’s Mike Francesa: They are going with a guard in this pick.

I can see the Eagles going with one of their two first-year linemen, although I think it�s a tackle.

They could take a guard if they need a quarterback at that spot, but they would have to see how they get that guy.

— CBS�s Rich Eisen: I would say the Eagles would like a quarterback as well.

If I was the team, I would be happy with a quarterback like Connor Barwell, who has the potential to be great. They don�T have a lot of options at the guard spot, so they need somebody to step up.

— Yahoo’s Dan Pompei: I like Bradford, but I think he could play guard or guard tackle.

He�s an intriguing player.

— WFAN�s Brian Costello: It�s hard to imagine the Eagles getting a quarterback this high.

It�d be difficult for the team if they were to go with a pick this low.

They�re going to need a QB and they�re not going to get it from the first pick.

They should get it on the third or fourth pick.

You don�re really going to miss out on Bradford unless you are one of his draft classes.

— New York Daily News’ Mark Kaboly: The biggest question is whether Bradford is worth the price tag.

I believe the Eagles should take him at No. 3, but there are a few concerns.

Bradford was in the midst of a rough start to the season, when he was benched at the start of the season and injured